Radio maker (EN)

Between 2001 and 2013, Frederic Voorn was the maker, and sometimes also co-host, of the VARA Radio program Pianistenuur. It was broadcast every Saturday on Dutch Radio 4 and ran for almost 500 episodes. In the past years Pianistenuur was presented by Paul Witteman. (soundbite)

Due to his Scarlatti CD, Frederic Voorn was able to make his first radio program in 1997, with Scarlatti as the subject. Many more programs would follow, about all kinds of musical matters and in all shapes and sizes. He frequently contributed to VPRO Radio programs like Urubicha and Het Middagconcert. In the series Fin de siècle (1999) he went back to musical events at the end of other centuries. In the sequel series Aurora (2000-2006) many different subjects were being presented: like Het Paard van Troje (A Trojan Horse, about the difficult journey of Beethoven’s Broadwood piano to Vienna), Muziek op 64 velden (Music on 64 Squares, about a chess match, held in 1937 between composer Sergei Prokofiev and violinist David Oistrakh) and Escher & Escher (about Maurits Escher and his nephew, the composer Rudolf Escher). (soundbite)

For NTR Radio, Frederic Voorn contributed to ZaterdagMatinee. For this program he had an interview in 2003 with the Czech master pianist Ivan Moravec and in 2006 he made a portrait of the Berlin Philharmonic. Since 2010, he also makes programs for NTR De Bedding on a variety of subjects, like Glenn Gould as radio maker, Walter Legge the record producer and about Sergei Eisenstein’s movie Potemkin.

Besides Pianistenuur, Frederic Voorn has made several documentary series for VARA Radio. In 1999 his four-part series Chopin as pedagogue was broadcast and these programs about Chopin’s musical succesors was repeated several times. In 2000 he made The unknown Glenn Gould, a series of three programs in which this Canadian pianist is presented as a conductor, writer, composer and radio maker. In the same year he made The riddle Janácek, a three-part series bases on the memoires of  Janácek’s wife Zdenka.