Writer-Lector (EN)

Frederic Voorn often gives lectures on a variety of musical subjects. In 1988 in America, he gave several lectures on V Mlach (In the Mist), a piano work by Leoš Janácek. In Holland he gave concert lectures about the early Beethoven piano sonatas, the development from the baroque to the classical period, the piano sonatas by Haydn and on the Goldberg Variations by Johann Sebastian Bach. In 2012 he gave three concert lectures on Impressionism in the Amsterdam Hermitage and this will be repeated in 2015 in Musis Sacrem in Arnhem and at the Volksuniversiteit in Laren.

As a writer, Frederic Voorn contributes to several magazines. For Akkoord Magazine he wrote a column, titled Noot voor Noot about all kinds of music technical subjects, like the picardy third, the Harmony of the Spheres, the history of the square piano and on equal temperament. For Piano Wereld Magazine he wrote for many years about subject concerning his radio program Pianistenuur. At present he writes a column about legendary pianists from the past and the present.  For the Bulletin and the Journal of the Franz Liszt Kring he has written several articles. In 2015 he will make a contribution to the scientific journal of the Conservatory of Kazan.

Frederic Voorn wrote program notes for the ZaterdagMatinee, a concert series in the Concertgebouw of Amsterdam, and in Intrada, the house magazine of the Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra. He wrote liner notes for several CD productions and is currently writing a book about the history of pianos and pianists, titled Ebony & Ivory, A History of Pianos and Pianists.