Composer (EN)

Frederic Voorn started to compose when he was ten years old. He performed several of his earliest piano pieces at his first concerts. But In spite of this early start, he did not feel like studying composition at the conservatory. His piano studies took up much time. As a composer Frederic Voorn is mostly self-taught.

Many of his early works were commissioned. He wrote fugues at request, arranged orchestral pieces for piano and vice versa. Because of other activities, composing remained a side issue, but in 2005 this all changed. In that year he wrote the  Pièces simples et naturelles, a series of five piano pieces that were premiered in 2008 by the composer himself. The Sarabande from this series was used in 2005 in the radio and television commercials of Stichting Pink Ribbon, an organisation fighting breast cancer. (soundbite)

In 2006 Frederic Voorn wrote a String Quartet, and two years later this piece was premiered in America by the Kilbourne String Quartet. In 2010, the Rumanian Ad Libitum Quartet gave the first Dutch performance of the String Quartet. (soundbite). In 2016 the String Quartet was arranged for String Orchestra and titled Three Movements for String Orchestra. This work will be premiered at the end of 2016 in Florida, America

In 2015 the Suite La forêt perdue for piano was premiered in Felix Meritis in Amsterdam. A year later Frederic Voorn wrote a Piano Sonata and this work will, together with the Pièces simples et naturelles and the Suite La forêt perdue, appear on CD at the end of 2016.

A major portion of Frederic Voorn’s compositions is for choir. For chamber choir Babylon he wrote several works, like the Zwei Goethe Lieder from 2010, Die Gedanken sind Frei from 2012 and the madrigal Zefiro torna  in 2014. For the men’s choir Cantiflora he arranged several works by Dutch composers, such as Bernard Zweers and Johannes Viotta, and in 2015 he wrote for Cantiflora the song  Ya vas Lubil on a poem by Pushkin. For Babylon he arranged the Fuge in E flat majeur from the Second Book of Das Wohltemperierte Klavier by Johann Sebastian Bach.

Frederic Voorn is currently working on an opera about Sergei Diaghilev.